Charlie White and Sharna Burgess – Farewell Video Montage (fan created since DWTS couldn’t be bothered to show one)

Decided to bring my mini-rant on FB over here as well:

“Since Dancing with the Stars couldn’t see fit to make SURE they could show Charlie’s (Meryl Davis and Charlie White) journey/farwell package (which even American Idol makes sure they do for their contestants and that show SUCKS in the production department) I’m glad to see that a fan took the time to put this together. However, it just re-emphasizes exactly HOW MUCH Charlie White deserved to be in the finals. The dancing clips are ALL amazing. And even Emma Slater seemed to allude to it in the final Afterbuzz TV DWTS Aftershow. How the pre-dance packages are edited can have a HUGE impact on how a celebrity resonates with the public I place Charlie’s ridiculously untimely exit (even Len made that comment the night he was eliminated, which you can PLAINLY hear during the results show when they were recapping each week’s elimination) squarely on the heads of the producers and even the judges, with their nitpicking each week. I mean, how do you call a routine (the Cha Cha) flawless and then give it a 9? (Bruno) And Carrie Ann telling him one week how his ability to connect each move to the next is “the most beautiful thing I’ve seen” and then the next week criticize him for “smoothing over the edges?”

As you can see, I’m STILL a bit bitter about it. Do I think he would have won if he’d been in the finals? Probably not. That was scripted for Meryl and Maks fairly early on. BUT, I do believe with a different “edit” from the producers, he could have found a real following amongst the viewers and given Meryl and Amy a real run for their money.”

Charlie White Dancing with the Stars montage from Cailin Cocuzzi on Vimeo.

Since ABC didn't have time to do a highlight reel of Charlie's time on the show after he was eliminated i decided to make a collage of my favorite parts (ps it was really hard to choose what to put in the video and there is a surprise in there). I thought that Do or Die by 30 Seconds to Mars was a good song to choose. Hope you guys enjoy it! I do not own the video clips or the song

Dancing with the Stars – Season 18

This is kind of a placeholder for a long post I feel like I need to do about this season’s DWTS. I don’t think I can get all of my thoughts organized like I want in the amount of time I have while I’m here at work, but I wanted to attempt a start at it at least.

Dancing with the Stars is one of those shows I don’t usually watch on a regular basis. My mother actually was the one who introduced me to it all the way back during Season 1, and although I didn’t start watching that season, I at least knew the premise of the show. Since then, I’ve never been a devoted watcher. I remember watching some the season the Mario Lopez competed and I watched some during Apolo Ono’s season, but never did I start watching the show from episode one of the season and faithfully watch each week afterwards. I did, however, start going back and watching the Youtube videos of Derek Hough and his partners once I stumbled upon the season he was dancing with Nicole. I actually can’t remember of I watched anything that season before the finals, but I became fairly enamored of this Pro who seemed to have done some amazing stuff with this Pussy Cat Doll. I was thrilled they won that season, but again, wasn’t heavily invested and certainly didn’t seek out any thing beyond the YT vids (no googling or web searches or anything like that). Once it was over, I forgot about. The next time I watched it was to follow Derek with Ricki Lake and marveled at some of the things he did with her. I didn’t think about again until I saw something pop up in my YT searches about Derek dancing with Kellie Pickler and I think that was Season 16 maybe? I don’t remember when I started watching or dvring/Huluing the show that season, but I think it was pretty late. Once again, Derek and his partner where my favorite.

Race for Hope Weekend

I have hundreds of pictures from the weekend that I still have not gone through. I’m hoping this next week, when I’m off Tuesday through Friday I will get some “Picture editing time” as well as maybe make it back into DC to see some of the things still on my list of “must sees.”

For now, I’ll leave you with this image from the WWII memorial. I always find this sight to be intensely moving but also serene (even with 4 million jr high/high schoolers invading the place). And for me, it is a MUST SEE at night. I think it shows off the best in the dark.

Vietnam Memorial

It was mind boggling to me to realize that the last time I made it to the Vietnam Memorial was in April of 1983.  The wall itself was up but NOTHING else was there.  We walked past the wall on wooden planks because the wall was surrounded by this muddy field.  I still find this to be one of the most moving sights in D.C.  There is such power in it’s simplicity.  I hope to get back there before the end of my time in this area.