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Once again, it’s been a minute. June and July absolutely FLEW by. The puppies have grown like weeds and my Kansas City Royals have been one of the hottest teams in baseball (until of course, Dayton Moore went balls to the wall in trading for pitching ace Johnny Cueto and studly utility Ben Zobrist and we’ve gone like 1-3. smh)  however, I have every confidence the boys will get their shit together and get back to their winning ways. 

Here’s a couple of “kill me they’re so cute” pics of the puppies for us. 



So, it’s BEEN a while, huh?  Hello to all my bot followers.  You are LEGION.  lol

Currently in Georgetown, TX to see my nephew graduate from high school.  This is actually QUITE the accomplishment since he had some MAJOR issues during his first couple of years of high school (not with the work, he breezes through that) and ended up moving in with his Texas aunt to finish school.  So, we’re all super proud of him.  He’s heading to College Station this summer to get ready for a couple of years of Junior College.  Right now, he’s planning on going into nursing (but who knows if that will last).  I love him bunches.

DWTS ended with my girl and her guy (Sharna and Noah) ending up in 3rd place.  I guess I’m ok with that?  Seems like the judges kind of insured that’s where he’d end up with their scores.  Here’s hoping Sharna doesn’t get saddled with a complete dud next season.  Seems to be her lot in life.

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since the Wentworth Prison episode of Outlander and the season finale is TOMORROW.  Holy CRAP!  Wentworth is STILL in my head, which proves it to be an astounding hour of TV.  I’m hoping against hope that the WiFi in this crapfest of a motel holds out and I can early watch the season finale before starting the trek home tomorrow.

And SPEAKING of Outlander, I created a Facebook group for my DC friends who are ALSO HUGE Outlander fans (plus a couple of OTHER friends who are mostly just Outlander fans).  Anyone is welcome to join the group.  Check us out:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/DCLanders/https://www.facebook.com/groups/DCLanders/ .

My BABIES have had their big boy and big girl surgeries and my vet’s office assures me they are doing just fine.  It’s just really hard to be away from them for so long.  YIKES!

OH, and DAVECON2015!!  Dave’s been invited BACK to Epcot Center’s “Eat the the Beat” this fall.  In FACT, he’s OPENING the series the end of September.  Guess I will be spending this summer paying off debts and saving as much money as possible so we can DO DISNEY again!  I can’t WAIT!!

Welp, that’s it for now.


Holy HELL people. VERY tense 55 minutes of TV.

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My eyebrows say FOLLOW ME!!!

My eyebrows say FOLLOW ME!!!


Hot DAMN!!

He did WONDERFULLY well on Monday night and the surprise proposal was so freaking sweet (BOO to the cynics & haters who think it was a calculated move JUST to gain votes.)

Bummed that I”m going to miss next week’s finale and results show because of work, but my DVR is set to capture all the fun (WHICH I’m going to need after being devastated by Outlander’s “Wentworth Prison” episode on Saturday. Enjoy the goodies below.

Not the video quality I wanted for this video but the only one I could find…

Results Show: